May 4, 2009

April 13, 2009

Iris is a domestic long-haired cat. The "M" marking on her forehead, tufts on the points of her ears, tufted feet, long fluffy tail, and bigger long body are indicative of the"Maine Coon Cat".
Her fur is longer on her sides and belly, but slightly shorter on her back, neck, head, and face. It is soft, thick, and many layered. All of her body is dark and striped. Her belly is soft and yellow.
She looks extra-large, but most of her is fur. Her shoulders, spine, hips, legs, knees and elbows can be felt beneath her fur. The only extra flesh she carries is underneath on her belly. Hairs grow from her ears. Her muzzle is white and brown with black dots that her white whiskers grow out of. Her nose is flat, moist and pink.
When petted, she purrs loud and long. When sounds are made, her ears turn in the direction of the sound. If agitated, her tale flicks back and forth and her eyes narrow.She rests with her tail wrapped around her for warmth and protection. When lifted from where she lays, her underside radiates heat and leaves a warm spot behind.

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