May 3, 2009

February 3, 2009

It snowed from 11:00 yesterday morning until about 11:00 last night. Today the snow is fluffy and sparkly. It is light and blows in the air with the slight breeze.

There are tracks in the snow. Car tracks and foot prints. People have been here.
Each fence post has nearly identical caps of snow on top.
More snow covers the Rose of Sharon. A lone seed sits in the snow below. The branches stand up straight. Perhaps the snow is holding it up or maybe it is just reaching up toward the sun. Perhaps a combination.The sun is above and slightly to the left of the Rose of Sharon. It burns brightly in a clear and very blue sky.
The vines on the wall are mostly covered with snow in the southwest corner of the yard. In the southeast corner, much is still left uncovered. maybe because of the wind, maybe because a car parks in front of it. There are many icicles on the vines; water frozen where it flowed. The moss is drier, but still green.
There are marks in the snow beneath the maple, probably from snow falling off its limbs and leaves. The leaves rustle with the wind.Birds chirp occasionally, but I do not see them in the trees. They must have sought cover in the low bushes nearby.Nothing drips. All is frozen, but the sun is warm and soon things will thaw again.

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