May 4, 2009

April 2, 2009

All kinds of green things which lay dormant and hidden underground for months and months are poking through the dirt and mulch thanks to rain and sun and consistently warmer temperatures.
They are in the front yard garden. The side that faces north. The garden goes right up to the edge of the sidewalk which abuts the street. Still they grow.
The tulips are obvious. Curled at the bottom and fluted at the top. They are red on the bottom, but will turn entirely green in time.
They are smooth and bright. They are empty inside. The little red points at the top helped push through the soil.
The leaves are flat on this mystery soon-to-be flower. Flat and smooth. The leaves are splayed out and rounded at the top. Maybe they were all much tighter to each other when they were pushing through the earth and then splayed out only when they emerged.

This are brighter green and multi-colored. They may be hyacinth or iris'. Green with a white stripe down the middle. Green, white, green; the stripes are nearly identical in width.

The earth mounds around the bottom of the Tulip which insistently pushes at it as it continues to grow.
The larger green Tulip greens emerged first. The little red Tulip plants have just begun to turn green in places.

Signs of Spring.

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