May 3, 2009

February 2, 2009

Countless compact puffy clouds blanket the sky.
They move rapidly and steadily across the blue.
It is cold and smells of snow. Birds sit silently in the southeast tree where they congregate.
There are fewer than normal and they do not chirp. Maybe they know a storm is coming. Maybe the others have taken cover in low, compact bushes and shrubs and these brave few are just the lookouts.
There is still snow piled up around the Rose of Sharon.
More seeds blanket the snow beneath its branches.

Many of the brittle, brown remains of flowers are empty of seeds, still others cling to theirs. Perhaps the flowers let go of their seeds in shifts so that at least some of them have a chance of taking once they reach the soil.

The clouds have thickened and slowed. The moon becomes visible as wisps of cloud drift.Nothing drips. Too cold for melting and any means of light and warmth from the sun is obscured by the cloud cover.
Some snow has melted thanks to past warmer days. More surface of the wall has cleared. Not only vines, but multiple types of moss call it home.
The green variants of moss are soft and moist even though it is winter. Melting snow and ice must keep it alive. The moss at the top of the wall is a deeper green and more moist than the lighter, less dry moss further down the wall. This is probably because as things melt the water runs down the wall from the top and the moss closest to the top gets to drink first while the moss lower and lower down receives less and less of the melt.
A thick vine in the middle of the wall clings tightly with hook-like structures that grow from it. Smaller vines seem to be off shoots of it, but this isn't clear. The moss does not seem to impede the vines, nor the vines the moss.
Little white specks of flowers bloom on the vine in the middle of winter.
A thin, bright teal substance grows on the wall. May be lichens or moss. It does not look as if it is something that should be touched.
The clouds have further thickened and stagnated. The birds have disappeared from view.
The light has all but left the sky. The silence is deafening.

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