May 4, 2009

March 17, 2009

Snow remains on the north facing wall of the yard. Along the southeast facing fence the snow has melted to reveal green shrubs.

The Maple casts a long shadow.

The birds are not in their favorite tree.
The Rose of Sharon still sheds its seeds. The snow has melted to reveal three trunks. Maybe there is more than one Rose of Sharon. Maybe it is two or three clustered together.

In melting, the snow has revealed many vines along this side of the wall. Instead of growing horizontally as they do closer to the southeast corner of the yard, they grow vertically, for the most part.
The moss is still thriving, moist and green.
In the corner, diagonal from the Rose of Sharon, two trees have been revealed. There are bumpy beginning of buds on their branches.
One is tethered with a bungy cord. The other is wrapped around a trellis. How would they grow without aid or impediment?

the sun is high and bright. It works hard to melt the snow and warm the buds for Spring.
Wispy clouds brush along the sky. There will not be snow or rain today.

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