May 4, 2009

April 4, 2009

Crocket is a Plott Hound. Her ears are floppy. Her eyebrows are prominent. Her eyes always look sad. Her snout is long. She has brindle markings.
Her coat is short and shiny. When she gets wet the water just runs right off of her. Her tail is long. It is thick at the base and narrows to a point.
When chewing a bone, she holds it with her front paws. Dark black whiskers dot her muzzle. her nose is wet to the touch and covered in tiny bumps.
She has wide jowls the size of which are evident when she sticks the bone in her mouth. Her teeth are tiny, but sharp. Whisker come out of her chin and lower lip. When chewing the bone, her eyes are closed tightly and her nostrils flare.
She licks the bone with her long, pink, rough tongue. The hair on her chest branches out in two directions toward opposite shoulders. Her nails are black and wide. Spreading out her feet, there are webs between her toes. The pads on her feet are black and feel like sandpaper.
The fur on her face grows in a line up the middle from the tip of her nose to the top of her head. At the top of her head, black stripes grow in arches over the shape of her skull.
When she barks it is low, loud, and insistent. Her tail curls up in the shape of a "c" and she points to the sight of the disturbance with her nose. Her ears stay limp and floppy at the side of her face.
Her stomach is also brindle. The fur is thicker on her chest and thins out near her private parts and inner thighs. Laying on her back, her front legs bend up toward her face while her back legs splay out. Her jowls move back toward her ears revealing her teeth.

She is thirteen and a half months old. Just 11 months ago, she was much smaller and her features were less defined.

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