May 3, 2009

February 1, 2009

The birds are chirping high in a tree to the southeast. All of the birds inhabit the highest branches safe from the people, animals, and other dangers below. The higher they are, the more they can see, the safer they are.

The sun is bright and warm in the cloudless sky. Snow and ice melt. The animals and plants have water to drink. Drip, drop, drip, drip, drip, drop audible over the chatter and song of the birds.
The Rose of Sharon is mostly covered in snow.
Dried, brown remnants of flowers remain on the branches. Inside them are tiny brownish black nuggets. Probably seeds, they litter the snow below. When the snow melts the seeds will seep into the ground, take root, and more Rose of Sharon will grow.
A bright halo of sun is low over the southwest corner of the yard. It seemingly does not glow directly on the snowdrift which faces the north. The snowdrift will be slow to melt.
The branches of the Rose of Sharon reach out in all directions under the weight of the snow. Snow clings to the vines on the wall. When the snow melts the vines will drink.
Sunlight filtering through the branches of the Rose of Sharon turns some of the branches red in a cross-like shape.
The wall is thick with vines. Maybe the thickest vine is the source. Maybe they are all independent of each other and trying to chock each other out as they compete for water and sun. Maybe they work together to overtake the man-made structure.

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